Managers of Their Chores


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In the same way that Managers of Their Homes facilitated the process of creating a custom schedule that fits a family’s needs, Managers of Their Chores tackles family chores. From the chore challenged to seasoned chore warriors, Managers of Their Chores offers chore motivation, practical help, and step-by-step ChorePack directions.

Managers of Their Chores puts the means into parents’ hans that will allow them to be successful in a chore system with their children.

This book will not do your children’s chores, but it will transform the process!

Includes Tools to Develop a Complete Chore System:

– Master Chore List/Chore Library
– Chore Assignment Worksheet
– ChorePack Checklist
– 8 Families’ Samples
– ChorePack Holder
– ChorePack Paper

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